How do you use a pillow block bearing?

How do you use a pillow block bearing?

A pillow block bearing consists of a mounting bracket (pillow block) that houses a bearing and is used in low-torque, light load applications. With this configuration, the pillow block is bolted to a foundation, securing it, while the shaft and the inner ring of the bearing are free to rotate.

How do you install a pillow block bearing?

Complete Guide on How to Install Pillow Block Bearing [Step by…2) Position the Pillow Block Bearing on the Shaft. 3) Lightly Bolt the Housing to the Mounting Structure. 4) Establish the Final Mounting Position of Pillow Block Bearing. 5) Securely Bolt the Housing to the Mounting Structure. 6) Ensure the Shaft Can Move Axially. 7) Tighten Both Collar Set Screws.

What side does a fixed bearing go on?

There is “fixed” side and a “floating” side. The fixed side controls the shaft axially. The floating side has more freedom of movement (floating) to help compensate for misalignment and thermal expansion or contraction.

How do you perform a shaft alignment?

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How do I know if my pump is aligned?

Dial gauges or laser measurement devices are often used to provide more accurate measurements of the degree of misalignment between the motor and pump shafts. Laser devices provide higher levels of accuracy and also have automated features that simplify and speed up the work of measuring alignment.

How do you know if your alignment is Shaft?

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